Bulloch County group giving tours of cemeteries to honor African American history

African American history cemetery tours

BULLOCH COUNTY, GA (WTOC) - A group in Bulloch County will spend the next year offering insight to local African American history from some unique locations.

Cemeteries can offer a unique perspective on a community - particularly the graves of freed slaves in many of the cemeteries in Bulloch County.

A walk through the cemetery at Mt. Pisgah Primitive Baptist Church is like a trip to a museum for Dr. Alvin Jackson. He recites the history of freed slaves remembered there, as well as their contributions to the community after emancipation.

Leaders from the Willow Hill Heritage and Renaissance Center will offer tours starting Feb. 16 of such cemeteries as part of the year-long 400th Anniversary of African Americans in the United States.

“The cemeteries will clearly pay an important role in our celebration because it connects the past and the present,” Dr. Jackson said.

He says part of their project will be trying to restore some of the markers to better reflect the history.

They’ll tour the various cemeteries on a monthly basis for at least the next year.

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