Burton Fire Department rescues two dogs from house fire

Burton Fire Department rescues two dogs from house fire
(Source: Burton Fire Department)

BURTON, SC (WTOC) - Burton Fire Department responded to a kitchen fire on Providence Rd Friday evening at around 8PM and rescued two dogs from the blaze.

The resident evacuated the home when smoke began to fill the home and she could hear “popping” according to Burton Fire. The resident notified firefighters that her two dogs were still inside

Burton Fire Engineer Nick D’Angelo stated that when they turned onto Providence Rd, a blanket of smoke was banked down over the street, and black smoke was pouring from the front door.

Firefighters quickly entered the home and extinguished the fire and rescued the dogs. Beaufort County EMS examined the dogs and found that they were healthy and released them back to their owner.

According to Burton fire the fire was caused by unattended cooking and there was extensive fire and smoke damage throughout the home. Cooking fires kill hundreds of people every year and cause over 3000 injuries annually. Unattended cooking is also the leading cause of fires both nationally and locally.

The home had no working smoke detectors as well and fire officials say the woman is lucky to have been awake or else this fire could have turned tragic.

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