Georgia State Patrol looking to fill around 100 positions

Georgia State Patrol looking to fill around 100 positions

STATESBORO, GA (WTOC) - For quite some time, there has been a shortage of Georgia State Troopers.

Last year, Georgia State Patrol told us they were trying to fill 150 trooper positions. We spoke to GSP in Statesboro on Friday. They say there are still about 100 positions that need to be filled, and they need people to apply.

Currently, there are several trooper schools going on throughout the state. Right now, GSP is actively recruiting and getting ready for the schools coming up in the fall.

“We have our recruiters out on social media trying to get the world out to let people know that we do need applicants and we need people to fill positions that will be vacant,” said Capt. Billy Hitchens, Troop F Commander.

Capt. Hitchens says they have seen an increase of applications coming in, but it’s the long process from applying to getting hired that is holding some applicants back.

“We are seeing those numbers come in. It’s just turning out a final product that seems to be an issue for us. Getting the folks in the door seems to be where we are being successful, but actually getting them through the background and polygraph and all that stuff seems to still be quite a challenge."

GSP has been giving people an inside look at the job. People interested have been given a chance to ride along with a trooper to see what the job is about. They have also teamed up with Georgia Southern University.

“We are also doing an internship program with Georgia Southern University. We have two interns currently. We feel like that would be a good way to get people in the door to see what we do and see if this is a job they really wish to do.”

Hitchens says sometimes we always see the negative side of the job, but having people get an inside look helps them to see the positive side as well.

“It is a good job, and there are a lot of positive things about it that you don’t get to see because that is not newsworthy to see those little small things that make this job enjoyable, and where we get to help the public.”

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