Consider This: WTOC celebrates 65th Anniversary

Consider This: WTOC celebrates 65th Anniversary

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - On Valentine’s Day of 1954, the Knight family - Savannah’s preeminent radio station owner - decided to add pictures to the sound, creating WTOC TV - Savannah’s first television station.

This week, we celebrate the 65th year of our love affair with the people we serve.

A few weeks after signing the television station on the air, Chief Engineer Kyle Goodman was musing to a gas station attendant about how he couldn’t find anyone who could edit film. The attendant, fresh out of the Air Force, said he could splice film and was hired on the spot, thus forever weaving Doug Weathers into the fabric of our community, as well as WTOC’s.

And while the days of Doug Weathers, Jody Chapin, Pat Prokop, and Jim Hildenbrandt have since given way to Mike Cihla, Dawn Baker, David Turley and Dal Cannady, our relationship with and responsibility to the community remains unwavering.

Consider This: WTOC has always stood for Welcome To Our City. It’s our privilege to serve this community in good times and in bad, and while faces and names may change, the commitment to fulfill that responsibility doesn’t.

One of our slogans in bygone years promised “Teamwork, Trust and Tradition." For 65 years, we’ve done our best to live that slogan, and we’ll strive to do that again tomorrow, and hopefully, for at least another 65 years.

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