Judge to set trial date for 2015 Savannah murder case

Judge to set trial date for 2015 Savannah murder case

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - A crime-fighting community activist in Savannah came face to face in court with the man police say took her son’s life.

Timone Hooper is accused of killing Lawrence Bryan IV at the intersection of 52nd and Duane Streets in 2015. Bryan is the son of Linda Wilder-Bryan - a current candidate for Savannah City Council. She has been fighting for justice for her son and other violent crime victims.

The judge is now treating the case as a speedy trial demand, meaning a trial date should be set by the end of the week.

After almost four years, the Bryans say they are ready to put this part of their loss behind them.

Even before Monday’s hours-long hearing started, Lawrence Bryan IV’s family members were wiping tears from their eyes. Timone Hooper was in court with them, and Lawrence’s mother, Linda, says it was extremely hard watching the man she believes killed her son sitting stoically just rows ahead of her, wondering what was going through his head when that deadly shooting happened.

When the State mentioned to Judge John Morse that Hooper must go to trial within 120 days, the judge said he plans to set a trial date by the end of the week. Lawrence’s mother says she’s grateful he’s moving it along quickly.

“It’s medicinal. We’re finally able to get some of our answers to our questions,” Wilder-Bryan said. “You know, people say it’s closure. There’s never going to be closure. It won’t bring Lawrence back. It’s kind of unnerving. Just a lot of nervous energy because we want, at least this, to behind us, but we want people in the community to know if you fight, if you believe in God, he’ll always come through.”

Hooper is facing murder, weapons possession, and aggravated assault charges in this case.

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