Liberty Co. citizens form committee to fund fire protection plan

Liberty County fire plan solution

LIBERTY CO, GA (WTOC) - Liberty County citizens have come together to develop a plan fight fires in their area after a fire station shut down due to a lack of money and manpower.

The committee will work closely with the county.

“We’re still moving forward with our liberty county fire protection plan,” said County Commissioner Justin Frazier.

That plan now includes coverage areas such as Colonels Island and Sunbury, which were uncertain a few weeks ago. A temporary lease will keep fire station 15 open, as well as allow usage of the equipment that is already there.

Commissioner Frazier says Liberty County welcomes this neighborhood committee and its ideas for future fire services.

“It makes us as a community better.”

The committee says its purpose is to make sure everyone gets quality fire and emergency medical services with a response time faster than 45 minutes.

“Reducing the response time," said Frazier. "That’s very critical on both ends of the county. From the east end to the west end. That’s what we are still focusing on and making sure the plan we put in place and implement is the best one for all our citizens.”

Commissioner Frazier told me they are still working out the budget for this whole plan. Budget planning should begin in March.

“What’s next is us updating them on the decisions that we’re gonna make," said Frazier. "I don’t have any issues with them asking any questions or addressing concerns they have. Anything they could do to help us make sure that we put the best plan forward.”

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