Lyman Hall Elementary students participate in ‘Guys with Ties’

Lyman Hall Elementary students learn tips for how to succeed in school, business

LIBERTY COUNTY, GA (WTOC) - Lyman Hall Elementary and the Coastal Georgia Minority Chamber taught young boys in 2nd-5th grades how to tie ties on Monday.

This is a part of a program where young boys who come from low-income areas get a chance to participate in different activities learning about things such as hygiene and business.

As part of “Guys with Ties," students learned about how to dress and how to carry themselves every day so they’ll know that when they look good, they feel good.

Joseph Harris is over the program and says it’s important for these young boys to have mentors that influence them in a positive way. He says sometimes home environments can affect a young man’s mind, and giving them mentors in school can change their outlook on life. Harris said he was once in their shoes and knows how much it means to have adults give their time to young boys. It could be life-changing. Some things that they have taught them include leadership, dress code, and even having a business mindset.

Harris says he knows that teaching them respect and leadership will also teach them good manners and behavior.

“Being that example, and by giving back and making a difference in my own community, I know that they will have a lasting chance. I expect and look forward to them going to college and I look forward to them having families. Hopefully one day, they will become educators as well and business owners,” Harris said.

They hope by getting involved in these boys’ lives, they’ll be able to make a long-term impact.

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