TV, radio stations gather at Capitol for GA Association of Broadcaster’s Day

Georgia Association of Broadcasters Day in Atlanta

ATLANTA, GA (WTOC) - Local television and radio stations from across the state of Georgia gathered in Atlanta on Monday.

WTOC and others met with state leaders for Georgia Association of Broadcasters Day at the Capitol. The group met with everyone - from the Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan to heads of different state agencies.

Broadcasters got the chance to remind legislators the role of local media in emergencies and other times in their community.

“The local broadcaster is here to serve their citizens,” said Bob Houghton, G.A.B. President. “They live where they work. They’re there and they care about the issues. That’s important and different than the national level where people come and go and live different places.”

WTOC was a proud participant in Georgia Association of Broadcasters Day.

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