Brave 5-year-old perseveres at Memorial Health

Brave 5-year-old perseveres at Memorial Health

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - This is a week of flowers, valentines, and hearts, but a story Wednesday night reminds us all that a “healthy” heart is something we shouldn’t take for granted.

All five years of her life, Madison Owens has been in and out of the hospital. Now, she’s back at Memorial Health again, but she’s in high spirits.

“She had her first open heart surgery at five-days-old, so she started off with it and she continually had heart issues, so we had her second open heart surgery at six-months-old," said Owens’ mother, Lisa Owens.

Madison is a very well-known patient at Memorial. She was born with a severe heart disease that has stunted normal every day children activities.

“Unfortunately, it is cold and flu season, and Miss Madison got a cold virus that led to her developing pneumonia that’s led to her needing to be in the hospital," said Stephen Thacker, Memorial Health.

Instead of running and playing on a playground, Madison spends a lot of her time playing in a play room with a machine that monitors her heart.

“Despite her challenges, she keeps a positive attitude. You can be sad and you can be worried about your child, but you can also rejoice and be blessed with what you have."

Madison’s mom says this heart health month is always a month she will cherish and she appreciates and loves the support from all who celebrate.

“It takes a village. It’s hard when you’re in the hospital. It’s hard when you’re in the community and you’re always looking over your back to make sure she’s okay, and it really takes everybody working together to make sure she’s safe and not going downhill, so it’s amazing when you have the support of everyone behind you."

Even though Madison has to be here while she’s under the weather, she can expect a sweet treat on Valentine’s Day on Thursday.

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