Bryan County residents call for anti-tethering ordinance again

Bryan County residents call for anti-tethering ordinance again

RICHMOND HILL, GA (WTOC) - Bryan County animal advocacy groups called for an anti-tethering ordinance at Tuesday night’s commissioners meeting.

This comes after 12 dogs were surrendered to Coastal Pet Rescue, most of which were chained to trees.

It wasn’t listed on the Bryan County Commissioners agenda, but the topic brought more than 20 animal advocates to the meeting including Director of Georgia Animal Rescue and Defence, Joy Bohannon.

“One of the biggest things is not chaining it outside and forgetting about it, that’s a huge problem here,” Bohannon said.

The ordinance would ban owners from tying up their animals, dogs specifically, to a stationary object like a tree or a fence. Chatham and Liberty counties both have ordinances in place, but the state of Georgia does not. Another supporter, Dr. Michele Trammell, asked commissioners to make a change.

“My first thought when seeing these things was to contact the authorities, contact the police, contact Animal Control. When I reached out to them, I realize that they couldn’t do anything because there were no ordinances on the books,” the veterinarian said.

Bryan County Commissioners suggested if residents see a situation, they need to report it, and authorities will handle accordingly. Advocates disagreed.

“So around and around we go, well at first we say ‘Okay, we need to report it,’ Bohannon said. "Report it, but they aren’t breaking the law, so nothing is done.”

Bryan County animal groups have asked commissioners for this ordinance since 2012.

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