Valentine’s Day rush keeps local businesses and florists busy

Businesses preparing for Valentine's Day

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) -Thousands of people are preparing for Valentine’s Day Thursday, keeping local businesses and florists busy.

“It’s the biggest one day. It’s been getting to where we can stretch it to two days,” John Wolfe Florist owner Janice Karrh said.

Karrh said Valentine’s Day business can triple what she would usually make in a regular day, which means they have to be prepared.

"We have extra drivers, we have extra designers, we have extra front desk workers, we definitely have to have extra,” said Karrh.

Karrh said they also have to have extra flowers for the customers who wait until the last minute.

"You always have the last minute like Christmas,” she said. “They wait until the last minute and that pushes us, but we have been prepared for so many years that we know we have a push time and tonight will be it for tomorrow,” said Karrh.

It isn’t just flower sales that increase. Local businesses have also seen an increase in people buying gifts for friends.

"A lot of Valentine’s Day is just about showing your appreciation for people,” The Rat on Bull co-owner Stephen White said. “We now have palentines, galentines, and all that sort of stuff so it’s just important to show your appreciation and show them that you’re thinking about someone,” White said.

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