Wesley Community Center is WTOC’s Community Champion

Wesley Community Center is WTOC’s Community Champion

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The Wesley Community Centers in the heart of Savannah provide safe, reliable daycare, and much more for families on limited incomes. For this reason, they are this week’s WTOC Community Champion.

They hit the streets last weekend, but by Monday, they were back inside creating a second home for Savannah kids.

“They are my children, over 129 between two sites every single day. They’re ours and we take care of them like they’re ours,” said Wesley Community Centers Executive Director, Tammy A.K. Mixon-Calderon.

The Wesley Community Centers are a a resource to the Savannah area, providing low-cost daycare, daily meals and a safe place for children whose families are in need.

“The parents will pay on average between $50-55 per week, but all childcare is subsidized through various funding sources," Mixon-Calderon explained.

The service Wesley provides is invaluable, starting with how the kids are treated while mom and dad are at work.

“We do fine motor skills, large motor skills, we play on computers- the little laptops, I’m a teacher. I’m also the cook, the bus driver, the mistress of assistance. I just do it all, because I love the children," added Yvonne Williams.

The centers are not solely focused on children. This WTOC Community Champion offers resources for the entire family as well.

“If they are in crisis and they need emergency food or financial or medication prescription assistance, then they can go next door to Wesley’s Family Life Center and we help with that. They are coming from all over Savannah and sometimes a little beyond- it all depends. If they’re traveling and in a crisis, they might stop at our doors,” Williams said.

The little ones who go through the doors at Wesley each day are better for the experience.

“They are truly learning and they’re getting all the necessary skills and tools they need, so when they move on and go to public school or maybe Kindergarten, they are truly ready to be able to compete with anyone in the city,” Williams told WTOC.

Wesley held its annual Love Walk on Saturday, and it was the biggest one yet, raising more than $43,000 for their programs.

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