Savannah city leaders discussing whether to accept New Hampstead Development property

City of Savannah considering land donation

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Savannah city leaders are trying to decide if they will accept a unique gift. It’s a huge piece of donated property that could be used as a park.

The 863-plus acre property is part of the New Hampstead Development. It’s located in western Savannah along Little Neck Road - south of I-16 and west of I-95.

Operating the property wouldn’t be cheap, and from what some city leaders said on Thursday, it wouldn’t be in the city’s wheelhouse either.

The property is restricted by a land trust to build any new civic buildings. Instead, the city would have to use the land as a park of some kind with hiking trails and green space. With no current budget for the project, future timber sales could offset operating costs.

City Manager Rob Hernandez told City Council the project is beyond what they can handle on their own, but there are other options.

“We’d consider owning the property, but then working with the state and the county and entering into a long-term lease for them to operate it as either a county park or a state park," Hernandez said.

Hernandez says in the next two weeks, they’ll be reaching out to different agencies for a partnership or lease possibility.

Those agencies include UGA, Georgia Southern, and Fort Stewart, state and county.

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