Fatal wreck in Beaufort shuts down highway

Fatal wreck in Beaufort shuts down highway

BEAUFORT, SC (WTOC) - All lanes are now back open after a van collided with a semi-truck Friday morning in Beaufort that resulted in the death of one person.

At around 7:20 AM Friday Burton and Port Royal Fire Departments were dispatched to reports of a car wreck that involved entrapment of three people. A van that was being utilized as a work vehicle crashed into a full-size semi-truck in the east bound lane of Highway 170 in Beaufort. When crews arrived on scene they discovered that the engine was lodged under rear of the semi-truck and was on fire. The fire was putting the lives of the three entrapped in the van at risk.

Crews worked quickly to extinguish the fire. Once the fire was extinguished crews worked to pull the three people from the van. During this operation, they discovered that one of the people inside the van had died.

Fire and EMS crews then worked to pull the van from the truck which required some work as the dashboard of the van was lodged under the truck.

Once the van was removed from under the truck the two others in the van required serious medical attention and had to be air-lifted. Both patients had significant life-threatening injuries.

“This is a well-rehearsed and orchestrated scenario” said City of Beaufort-Town of Port Royal Battalion Chief Larry Deloach. “We had a major extrication that had to occur at the same time potentially life saving medical treatment needed to occur. The air crews and ground paramedics worked flawlessly, side by side with the firefighters who were cutting and spreading on the car, to give these two patients the best chance possible at survival.”

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