Savannah Mayor comments on Alderman’s decision to run

Savannah Mayor comments on Alderman’s decision to run

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Savannah District 1 Alderman Van Johnson has announced he is running to be the next mayor of Savannah.

Former Elected officals and community supporters say they’ve always known Van Johnson had it in him to change the community, and now they want him to do that as the next mayor.

“My name is Van Johnson, and I want to be your mayor,” Johnson said this afternoon.

Johnson filed the proper paperwork with the city on Friday, Feb. 15. He announced his decision at a public news conference at noon on Monday at Forsyth Park.

Johnson is currently serving his fourth term (16th year) as District 1 alderman.

Johnson is officially the third Savannah mayoral candidate.

Regina Thomas announced her candidacy on January 11. Anthony Oliver announced his candidacy in late January.

Current mayor, Eddie DeLoach, has not officially filed paperwork if he is running for re-election.

Mayor DeLoach gave us his thoughts on Alderman Van Johnson’s announcement earlier on Monday, saying that he will continue to focus on issues facing the City, and not on those running against him.

“I’m not running against Van," said Mayor DeLoach. "I’m running on my record, and my record speaks for itself. And I’m satisfied with all the people we’ve had work with us, and all the councilmen and councilwomen that work with us. They all participated, we all ran on what we tried to get done. I’m happy with what we’ve done, and I’m sure there’s room for improvement, and I’m sure there’s something we always need to do in addition. But we’ve worked hard for the citizens and I think it speaks for itself.”

City elections will be on Tuesday, Nov. 5.

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