Child, 3 dogs removed from Burton home after welfare check

Father cited for unsafe living conditions at Burton home

BEAUFORT COUNTY, SC (WTOC) - A welfare check in Beaufort County has lead to some disturbing discoveries inside a home.

A child and three dogs were removed from the home on Stanley Road in Burton. We’ve learned the father of the child was given citations for the home, child, and animals for living in the conditions.

The Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office says they received a call for a welfare check at the home. Deputies discovered trash around the home as well as dog feces and urine soaked into the carpet in different areas.

“When deputies responded, they did a walk-through of the residence and enacted a safety plan, which is understood by all parties involved,” said Capt. Bob Bromage, BCSO.

The report states most of the rooms in the home were in bad shape and had feces in corners of the rooms. The child’s room was also in this condition, according to investigators. The sheriff’s office called the Department of Social Services to get involved in the case and to care for the child.

“If at all possible, the last thing we want to do is remove a child from their parents and their relatives, so the children remain with their relatives,” Bromage said.

Animal Control did a separate walk-through of the home and took all three dogs.

The sheriff’s office urges people to always call law enforcement if they ever suspect neglect or abuse at a home.

“Infrequently, law enforcement receives calls for health and welfare checks,” Bromage said. “Moving forward, hopefully, the children will be cared for as well as the animals.”

The father is not in custody and was given a time period to improve the living conditions at the home to possibly get his child back. The child is currently with the mother.

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