Maze teaches Toombs Co. students the consequences of bad decisions

Vidalia teen maze

TOOMBS COUNTY, GA (WTOC) -Organizations in Toombs County are coming together this week to offer students a chance to get some important life lessons and learn how one mistake can change their life.

This is the third year Teen Maze has been held in Toombs County and gives eighth graders the opportunity to see the consequences from bad decisions.

Organizers start the event off with a skit. The high school actors portray a party scene where alcohol and drugs are involved. From the scene students follow the character’s actions.

“Teen Maze is a way to bring all of that together and let them learn about the negative consequences in a safe environment,” said Ambi Pess with the Southeast Health District.

Some of the negative consequences the students see are death, arrests, teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

“What we are working towards is prevention instead of working on the back end of the issues,” said Paige Williamson, the Director of Toombs Co. Family Connection.

After a drunk driving crash scene, students were broken into groups to focus on more specific topics.

“The best way to prevent is working with young people and getting them the correct information by the correct people," said Bess. "So many times when kids get in the situations that they are in they have been misinformed or they are getting the information from social media, television, the music they are listening to.”

Schools throughout Toombs County take part in the event. Williamson says it continues to grow each year.

“It amazes me, amazes me, that we have so many partners to show up. We had 150 volunteers yesterday and about 187 volunteers today and this is our community showing up for kids.”

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