Tigers talk epic first round comeback win

Bradwell trailed by 18 points with five minutes left

Tigers talk epic first round comeback win
Bradwell completed one of the state's greatest comebacks in their first round win.

HINESVILLE, GA (WTOC) - The Bradwell Institute Tigers hit the practice court Monday, knowing full well the odds say they shouldn’t even have a game to prepare for.

In last week’s first round state playoff game, a Greenbrier three pointer put the Tigers in an 18 point hole with five minutes to play. Bradwell’s win probability at that point was around one percent.

Despite the seemingly overwhelming odds, the team never lost faith.

“Is there ever a thought that we’re going to lose this game?" WTOC’s Jake Wallace asks junior guard Cam Fleming.

"Never,” he answered.

“Honestly, I was thinking any time you guys are ready, let’s go ahead and get started,” laughs head coach Kent Wilkinson.

The Tigers did get started shortly after, making bucket after bucket to quickly trimming the lead. Fleming cut the Tiger deficit to four with a three-pointer from the corner. His teammates say that was the point that made up their minds.

“When he made it, I said it’s that time," remembers senior guard Terris Taylor. "We’re about to come back and win the game.”

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