Top Teacher: Kamaria Shaw

WTOC Top Teacher: Kamaria Shaw

POOLER, GA (WTOC) -This week’s WTOC Top Teacher comes from a long line of educators and wants her students to feel just like family.

“I truly feel like their is no more noble, rewarding profession than to work with these children,” said Kamaria Shaw. "It truly has been my ministry. Many tried to steer me to other career paths, but education was always at the heart of it.

Shaw teaches 4th grade at Godley Station School in Pooler and loves this age group.

“I am encouraging them to be more problem solvers,” Shaw said. “So that really begins to blossom, at this age and grade level.”

Shaw says building a strong relationship with a student is the most important thing a teacher can do.

“That connection is established from day one, and we maintain that all year long, and I think that it makes them, want to work, makes them want to be accountable for their own learning,” Shaw says. “It helps to motivate them intrinsically. To want to get a good education, So it’s very important to create those positive bonds.”

“She’s a top teacher because she’s fun, she like, she treats us like as if we are part of the family,” said student Christin Berton. “She’s like really easy to talk to, she is like our second mom.”

“She’s a nice teacher and always helps us, she never yells or anything,” said student Kaylee Ray.

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