When are changes coming to the I-16, I-95 Interchange?

When are changes coming to the I-16, I-95 Interchange?

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - A lot of you are questioning when major changes will come to the I-16 and I-95 Interchange.

It’s one of the gateways to Savannah. Some people complain that it’s too dark and unsafe with its current design.

The most specific question we’ve gotten is, ‘When will lights be added to make the area not as dark at night?’ The short answer - not very soon.

The lights you see on 16 near Pooler Parkway are coming to the interchange. However, it won’t be until all the other work is done.

The project is still a few years from completion. It will include adding an extra lane of travel in both directions on 16 from 516 to 95. That’s about seven miles.

It will also include a new style of exit at the interchange for 16 and 95.

The turbine interchange ramps will be the first in the state. That’s when they’ll also install the lights at the interchange. The question is - when?

“Get ready Savannah. We will be starting construction this year. We are looking the summer or fall. 2022. It should be open to traffic, the widening on 16 and the interchange improvements," said Jill Nagel, GDOT Communications Officer.

As you can imagine, this will cause a major impact for drivers who use this route.

Once construction and closures really ramp up, it may be best to find an alternate route if you can.

We’ll track the progress of the project for you. You can also follow GDOT on social media for details when the closures start.

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