Skidaway Island residents meet to discuss incorporation

Skidaway Island incorporation meeting

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Skidaway Island residents will soon decide whether or not they want to branch off and start their on city.

Wednesday night, they met at a church to discuss the upcoming vote. Some are in favor of the incorporation. Others say it’s a terrible decision that doesn’t make sense financially.

“One of the arguments from the proponents is they want to get out from under Chatham County governance. The problem is, you will not get out from under Chatham County governance. You will still pay county taxes, oh and by the way, you will now start paying an additional tax to the city of Skidaway Island,” said Skidaway Island resident, Mike Vaquer.

The topic of incorporation has been discussed for a while. The University of Georgia did a study to figure out how feasible it would be. This year, lawmakers passed a resolution to leave it up to the voters. Governor Kemp signed it last week.

We’ll continue to follow this developing story and keep you updated.

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