South Carolina lawmakers listen to proposed changes to education bill

South Carolina lawmakers listen to proposed changes to education bill

COLUMBIA, SC (WTOC) -Changes have been made to a massive education reform bill filed by the South Carolina’s house speaker.

Lawmakers listened to hours of testimony from South Carolina teachers.

A new amendment was unveiled during a house subcommitee meeting on Tuesday afternoon bringing proposed changes brought to the committee by Representative Raye Felder of York County.

Some of those changes included:

  • Adding a teacher bill of rights
  • removing a proposal that would allow high performing schools to hire 25% noncertified teachers
  • removed language that would’ve created a study into the possibily of career bands

These were some of the things that teachers brought up during their 5 hour testimony. The speaker of the house, state superintendent joined the governor to give an update on their education reform efforts. they say it is important everyone works together on this issue.

“It’s a joint effort,” said Molly Spearman, the State Superintendent of Education. "And to make the changes that we need is going to take all of us and using our most creative minds. There’s no one silver bullet that’s going to fix the problems. There are many things that need to change.

This house bill has bi-partisan support with 81 sponspors that have now signed on to the bill from both sides of the aisles.

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