Good News: 4th Grader raises money for homeless shelter in Baxley

Good News: 4th Grader raises money for homeless shelter in Baxley

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The Transitional Living Cottage in Baxley has only been open two months, but has already offered a place to stay for 17 individuals facing homelessness.

In Friday’s Good News segment, we learn about a 4th Grader who is also helping.

When she’s not in school, Maddy Williams is trying to solve bigger problems than she sees in the 4th Grade.

“It makes me really happy and I like helping other people,” she said.

Maddy discovered the new organization in her hometown of Baxley recently, and she immediately started looking for ways to help.

“Me and my mom checked on it and they said you can donate some food and donate toys and donate money, and I thought that would be something to do,” she said.

Maddy had T-Shirts made up and sold them on Facebook, raising more than $700 for TLC. but that’s not the only way she has helped Santina Fryer’s organization - and the children it serves.

“Donating her own money to buy Valentine’s gifts, she’s brought pizza every week.”

“She has a heart for other kids. If she sees them hurting, she’s the one that goes and consoles them a lot of the time.”

“It means a lot. It means we can serve more families or we can provide meals daily.”

Maddy is planning a second T-Shirt fundraiser, and is continuing involvement with TLC - as well as any children she can help.

“I’m going to keep donating and I’m going to keep it up until I reach my goal, and I’m going to set an even higher goal, and then I’m going to go to other websites and help other people,” Maddy said.

That kind of effort will be a boost for TLC - and a lesson for the community around it.

“I think one of the ways we teach our kids to be successful is to help others, to help the community. Be part of your community, get engaged, do something, and you can really make a difference, just like Maddy has.”

Maddy sold 34 shirts in her first Facebook fundraiser, and is having 36 more shirts made for her next one.

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