Lawyer says security firm lawsuit plaintiffs still targets of identity theft

GS4 lawsuit update

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - We have an update for you on a story we first shared last October about a possible leak of personal information by a private security firm. Employees say the company released their personal data and they are now at risk for identity theft. The company at the center of the lawsuit, called G4S, was contracted by the Savannah College of Art and Design at the time.

Since the story about the claimed data leak last fall, SCAD has contracted a new firm for their campus security.

Savannah Attorney Abda Quillian says the number of people suing G4S has gone up since the last time we spoke.

Employees say the company leaked names, addresses, social security numbers, salaries and more.

Now, months later, Qullian says attempts have been made to illegally apply for credit cards, even buy cars with the information, even as recently as this week.

“Within the last 72 hours, I’ve had five or six of my clients contact me all saying they’ve gotten alerts that their credit has been run, or that someone has tried to gain...the majority of times have been to purchase a car," Quillian said. Quillian added she advised them to fill out a police report in the latest attempts.

The next step for the lawsuit is entering the discovery phase, and Quillian says the filing is now in federal court because G4S is a multi-national company.

She says the goal of the suit is to get her clients monetary compensation and at least three to five years of credit monitoring, paid for by G4S.

It’s at least some peace of mind for dozens of former G4S employees whose lives Qullian says have been altered in so many ways.

“That list out there being sold, and obviously at the moment it is being utilized. It’s a treasure trove," Quillian said.

We did reach out the last time the story aired and never heard back.

What got us back onto this story were multiple phone calls from folks affected by this incident, telling us their credit has been run for credit card applications and to buy cars.

Even if that doesn’t go through, their credit is getting hit for those credit checks.

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