Volunteers on Tybee Island tackle litter issue

Volunteers tackle trash on Tybee Island

TYBEE ISLAND, GA (WTOC) -Volunteers on Tybee Island are banding together to tackle trash, specifically litter.

They noticed a problem and decided to take action.

Amber Ward said after a day at the beach with her family, she noticed the beaches were always full of litter. She said that’s what prompted her to get out and do something about it, which is why she decided to start picking up litter as a hobby.

In 30 minutes, she managed to pick up more than two buckets of trash - something she said is something that should not happen.

“It’s frustrating, there’s no reason to leave your trash out here,” Ward said.

“There are trash receptacles everywhere in Chatham County, and most of the trash is near the receptacle," she said.

“There’s just so, so much plastic, straws and to-go containers, cups and plastic bottles and just things that don’t break down," Ward said.

Ward not only picks up trash in her free time, but she decided to become a part of Tybee’s Adopt-a-Beach Program.

It’s a program Tybee facilities and special events coordinator Robyn Rosner said is extremely crucial to continuing to keeping Tybee tidy.

“It’s important for so many different reasons. We love Tybee, everyone who lives here, and everyone who visits here," Rosner said.

"We want to keep it looking its best and keep it clean and nice for everyone, both visitors and those who live here.”

If anyone is interested in becoming a part of the Adopt-a-Beach Program on Tybee, people who are a part of the program are responsible for picking up litter once a month in their designated area.

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