Top Teacher: Heather Blastick

Top Teacher: Heather Blastick

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) -Trying to figure out math can be a problem in itself.

That’s why you hope to have a teacher like Coastal Middle School’s Heather Blastick to help you find the answers.

Blastick likes to keep things moving in her class.

“I hope to bring them excitement about math, and see how it can really apply to the real world,” Blastick says. “Problems they may encounter on a daily basis.”

Blastick teaches 6th grade math at Coastal Middle School, and goes above and beyond to make sure students stay on track.

“We always offer, what do we offer after schools on Wednesdays tutorials,” Blastick says. “I try to work with them individually in class. As when we do station activities. one on one time and today we are doing we go through white board problems so I can help them individually with the problem.”

“I wanted to nominate her because me and my friends, thought she was like a really good teacher,” states student Cari’yanah James. "And she makes math really fun.

“Not every single student is going to get it or see it the way that you do,” said Blastick. “I think it is important to see different perspectives problems and teach them different ways if necessary.”

Blastick is in her 4th year and loves teaching this age.

“I’m just thankful for my students and you know, and couldn’t have any better students than I have now,” said Blastick. “I love all my classes each one has a different personality. I just really enjoy the day every day at school.”

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