Fit Kids Fest provides kids with healthy ideas and live demonstrations

Fit Kids Fest provides kids with healthy ideas and live demonstrations

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) -A large crowd gathered on Saturday at Savannah State University for the annual Fit Kids Fest.

The event is hosted by the Junior League of Savannah. The event has been going on for seven years and many people thinks it’s just for children, but it’s actually not. It’s also for the parents.

The free event is open to the public each year. Fit Kids Fest teaches the importance of growing a fit body and mind through a fun and interactive day. It gives kids and their parents a chance to try different obstacle courses and exercises that are fun but also works as an exercise. Healthy meal tips, live fitness demonstrations, soccer drills, and other exercises were all on display. Booths were also set up with a number of resources from the community that teaches parents how they can become healthier with their children.

Organizers say the event is named for kids, but our kids will one day be adults and hopefully carry these health tips with them into their future.

“We also want to promote generational fitness and we think if children learnt the importance of generational fitness, the importance of healthy eating now, then they will carry it on through their families and we will have a healthier country,” said chairwoman Kelli Fletcher with Fit Kids Fest.

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