St. Patrick’s Day Grand Marshal introduced at public investiture

St. Patrick’s Day Grand Marsahal introduced at public investiture

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) -There are only two more weeks until the 2019 St. Patrick’s day parade.

The days leading up to the grand parade are full of celebrations and ceremonies, and this Sunday was no different as this year’s Grand Marshal was introduced at the DeSoto Hotel.

The DeSoto Hotel was full of past Grand Marshals that were on hand for the public introduction of the 2019 Grand Marshal, Jerry Counihan. He received the Grand Marshal’s sash at the ceremony, and in turn presented sashes to the people who will walk beside him, which also includes the youngest aide in Savannah’s history: his grandson.

Being Grand Marshal is the highest honor a Savannah Irishman can receive and Mr. Counihan says he is ready to take on the responsibility and fulfill his duties. He says while this is an honor to him, he is most honored to have his family included on this journey because that’s what it is about-knowing your family history, so the legacy can be carried on.

“The celebration of the feast of St. Patrick’s is something very special to the Counihan family and most all Irish descendants in Savannah," said Jerry Counihan. "The honor of being grand Marshall is hard to put in words. It’s a pinnacle of honors. I’m just very grateful.”

Mr. Counihan says he will be very busy the next couple weeks, but he knows he has a strong support system as he leads Savannah into the rest of the St. Patrick’s celebrations.

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