Consider This: Keep Savannah Clean

Consider This

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) -For 20 years that I can recall, Greg Parker has been referring to Savannah as the most beautiful city in America. This past weekend a large segment of the community joined him in that sentiment by standing beside him in an effort to Keep Savannah Clean.

On Saturday neighborhoods came together to clear trash and debris that is unsightly, dangerous to our waterways where it ends up and far more expensive to pick up than if we had just put it in the trash in the first place.

Among those adding their voices to the cause were the Mayor and Council along with new Police Chief Roy Minter. The chief’s presence indicates something new to the anti-littering campaign: if you litter you, can get a ticket that brings a fine or required community service.

Consider this: littering is stupid and doing nothing about is equally so. Most litter isn’t thrown maliciously – its thrown thoughtlessly, but that doesn’t matter. Regardless of the why, the consequence of it makes our beautiful home look bad with a corresponding loss of self-respect. Now with Savannah blossoming as one of the nation’s most popular tourist destinations and now with the possibility of being fined for littering we have every reason to heed the words that all responsible citizens are echoing: This is my home, don’t trash it

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