City of Tybee will take legal action against Orange Crush promoters if protocol is not followed

Tybee Island mayor on St. Patrick's celebrations

TYBEE ISLAND, GA (WTOC) - The City of Tybee is looking to take legal action against Orange Crush promoters if they don’t follow proper protocol as they apply for a special events permit for “St. Pat’s Crush” and Orange Crush.

The flyer promoting the St. Patrick’s weekend activities circulated on social media about a month ago. The City of Tybee says they just want the promoters to follow proper protocol with hosting an event so large on Tybee.

Tybee Mayor, Jason Buelterman, has a message for St. Pat’s Crush-goers for the weekend of St. Patrick’s Day.

“If they don’t cease and desist promotions of this, they can be charged up to $50,000.”

The City of Tybee has tried reaching out to the promoters to prompt them to get a permit to host their large parties on the island.

“What’s frustrating about this is nobody applies for a permit. We have actually reached out to two of the promoters we have been able to identify and shared with them the special events permit application.”

Buelterman says the uncertainty of these events puts the island in lose-lose situations, and they just want to be able to better prepare for events like these.

For the mayor, no permit means taking things a step further for the City of Tybee.

“We’ve given them every opportunity to apply for it, but if they don’t, we will be holding them accountable.”

We reached out to the promoters of the events and have not heard back.

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