Kissing soldiers prohibited in St. Patrick’s Day parade

Asked and Answered: No kissing soldiers during St. Patrick's Day Parade

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The military and parade organizers are once again asking you not to kiss soldiers marching in the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Savannah. The tradition ended last year. Many thought it corresponded with the vice president’s visit though.

A military spokesman said it comes down to safety and respect of the military. However, Benedictine Military School is still telling people they can kiss the cadets. The military and parade organizers want you to honor their request not to kiss those marching.

"We’re trying to get the parade moving along, and we don’t want people running out there and tripping, knocking people over, trying to run up and kiss the military guys and women,” said the General Chairman for the Parade Committee, Lawrence “Bubba” Edgerly. “Just shows some respect to them; it’s sort of a safety issue too.”

Not everyone listened last year. The parade committee chairman said it’s important to follow this rule and others when it comes to interrupting the parade.

As for the BC cadets, there are no changes with them.

BC Cadets in a previous parade
BC Cadets in a previous parade (Source: WTOC)

“They’re all for it, because it’s tradition. The BC Cadets walking down the parade, and the young girls from St. Vincent’s or other schools around, that’s the highlight of their day - running out there and kissing the BC boys,” said Edgerly.

There really aren’t any other changes or special requests this year. They are really encouraging you to clean up after yourself if you come to watch the parade. Edgerly said they’ll be passing out trash bags in more places this year.

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