Jeff Davis Co. shows students healthier options with National School breakfast week

National School Breakfast Week

JEFF DAVIS COUNTY, GA (WTOC) -This week is national school breakfast week. Schools in Jeff Davis County are trying to show students that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

When the school found out the theme for national breakfast week was start your engine for nutrition they teamed up with a local race team to put on a mini drag show for the kids to get them excited about school breakfast.

Before the show, students enjoyed breakfast for lunch. Lunchroom staff gave them a variety of breakfast foods to choose from in hopes of getting more children to take advantage of their free breakfast program.

School staff says in 2017 they fed only 29.5%of their students breakfast. Last year that number rose to 33.2%. The Elementary School Nutrition Manager says they are already seeing the number rise for this year but they hope this will help kids see the importance of breakfast.

“We are hoping that they will see that school nutrition is fun," said school nutrition manager Margaret Rentz. "Sometimes we are not always the most popular place to be. Especially as kids get older - middle school, high school, they don’t tend to eat breakfast as much but it’s important for every child to eat breakfast.”

Rentz says when kids each breakfast they are more alert, they maintain a healthy weight and they score better on standardized tests.

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