Athletes compete at Georgia Southern’s “True Blue Saturday”

Athletes compete at Georgia Southern’s “True Blue Saturday”

STATESBORO, GA (WTOC) Georgia Southern kicked off a row of games on what they’re calling “True Blue Saturday”

The college held the football spring game at 11, followed by softball at 1, baseball at 2 and a huge basketball game at 5. They also had a student athlete competing for a rifle national championship. Head Coach Chad Lunsford liked what he saw from the football team on Saturday morning and throughout the spring. Head Coach Chad Lunsford liked what he saw from the football team on Saturday morning and throughout the spring.

“When you go back in the spring and look at things where we maybe broke it down into segments and worked 2 minute game, four minute game, red zone game, things like that, goal line game, coming out game, all that kind of stuff, I thought that our guys were really in tune to what the situation was and hopefully that will carry over into the season that when we get in those moments, those moments won’t be too big for us," Coach Lunsford said.

The white team beat the blue squad 13-0, headlined by the lone touchdown scored by redshirt sophomore running back Matt LaRoche with just 33 seconds left in the fourth quarter. A low-scoring affair, but LaRoche gave props to his defense following the game.

“Oh this defense is really good," said LaRoche. "They give me a challenge every day and it’s good. We probably have the best defense, I feel like in the country.”

Redshirt senior kicker Tyler Bass accounted for 7 points: two field goals and an extra point.

The seniors, who are gearing up for Wednesday’s pro day, liked what they saw from their former teammates.

“I’ve seen a whole lot of competing," said former Georgia Southern running back Monteo Garrett. "I would say how they pick up one another when someone is down and stuff like that.”

“They look pretty good," said former Georgia Southern Safety Josh Moon. "I know Coach Lunsford is doing a good job with the team- all the coaches and the whole coaching staff and I know them boys are going to get to it this year.”

The senior class was also presented with rings at halftime for their December 15 Raycom Media Cameilla Bowl win over Eastern Michigan. The team won 23-21.

“It was awesome," said Coach Lunsford. "We’ve had several opportunities now to recognize our team and our seniors. We’re able to do it at a basketball game. We were then able to have a senior banquet and then be able to kind of put that thing away with them today was awesome. You know, we made sure we gave the rings separate this year, because our 2019 team has moved on from 2018, but I don’t want to take away from what the seniors have accomplished this past year.”

The Georgia Southern women’s basketball team has wrapped up their season with a 73-66 loss at Georgia State.

The men’s baseball team lost against University of North Carolina at Asheville 14-9, making them 1-1 in the series. Softball got swept by Appalachin State losing in 8 innings. The final score was 5-6.

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