Local clothier offers St. Patrick’s Day style tips

Local clothier offers St. Patrick’s Day style tips

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) -Whether you’re walking in the parade or watching the floats roll by with the family in one of Savannah’s downtown squares for St. Patrick’s Day, there are some undeniable fashion do’s and don’ts that will seperate a true Irish Savanniahan from the tourist that comes down for the holiday weekend.

We spoke with Dale Parker about what he would suggest anyone looking to dress the part for the holiday weekend.

“Of course we have to have the green blazer, especially if you’re marching in the parade," Parker says. "And if you’re going to be downtown at any of the Irish Society dinners, and now we can outfit the ladies in a basic white jeans and a green top.”

Green will of course be the color of the day on Saturday, but Parker stresses to not get lost in the sea of green.

“I think especially if you’re wearing your Green Jacket, because of the Irish Flag, look at the colors, Green, White and Orange, I think you’re ready to go, I think orange is definitely appropriate.”

The current Irish Flag goes back to 1848, with the Green standing for Irish Catholics, the Orange for Irish Protestants, and the White for the hope of peace between them.

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