Rooms still available for last minute parade attendees

Rooms still available for last minute parade attendees

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) -Hotel rooms run the gamut of daily rates during the Saint Patrick’s Day festival, from visitors from neighboring counties, to people flying in from other states and even other countries!

Of course, the closer you are to the action in downtown Savannah, the more you’ll pay.

The message from Visit Savannah is that if you want to come in for this years Saint Patrick’s Day festival weekend, there are still plenty of hotel rooms out there for you.

Checking into hotels within walking distance of the festival zone is ideal for some visitors, but that convenience comes at a price.

Rates for hotels from Oglethorpe Avenue to the Savannah River from Thursday to Sunday costs anywhere from the $220′s to nearly $600 a night.

Visit Savannah is anticipating a very high occupancy rate for this years festival, with the biggest portion of visitors starting to come in on Wednesday, and staying through into early next week.

More ways into the city for out of town visitors, like new direct flight options, could lead to bigger festival crowds over time.

“It’s huge.," said Joe Marinelli, the President of Visti Savannah. "I think people coming in from Boston, people coming in from New York and New Jersey and Washington D.C. and Cleveland...listen, it’s cold up there. And if they have an opportunity to enjoy celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day in a warm-weather destination, known for celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day, they’re going to do that. So the non-stop flights from all of those cities makes it easy for them to get here, and it also makes it easy for us to get out of town if we want to.”

Comparing March 2017 to March 2018, hotel occupancy rates rose about one percent.

Of course there are several other events like music festivals, Tour of Homes and Spring Break that factor in to that number over the course of the month.

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