Savannah P.D. offers solutions to transportation during St. Patrick’s Day weekend

Uber. Lyft

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) -Hundreds of thousands will soon flock to the streets of the hostess for St. Patrick’s Day. Finding parking downtown is already a challenge, but this weekend it will be near impossible.

City leaders and Savannah Police are preparing for one of the biggest weekends here in town, and one of the things they are emphasizing is ride share services such as Lyft and Uber.

Starting Thursday night, most city owned garages will go into a lockdown state...which means only card holders will be allowed in.

“As we get into Friday night, garages will be open at a flat rate of $20, both for Friday and Saturday,” said Director of Parking Services Sean Brandon.

Brandon says area transit will also be convenient.

“Friday night will also be the first time that Indian street will be up and running for motor coaches and for ride share,” Brandon said.

As it gets closer to the festivities, Savannah PD says starting bright and early Saturday morning, they will start towing cars out of the staging area at 6 a.m.

“The staging area consists of Anderson Street going all the way to Gwinnett Street in that area from Graden Street to Habersham Street,” said Lt. Torrance Garvin with Savannah Police.

Which is why Rocket Fizz owner Andrew Ether says he’s already planning ahead.

“This weekend because of the shop I’ll be down here the whole weekend, so I’m actually going to be parking down here on Friday and staying until Sunday,” says Ether.

With advice for others who plan to come into town and enjoy the Irish festivities.

“I suggest either riding with someone down here so you don’t have to have so many cars down here at one time and keep that down, but during the actual Saturday, I would wouldn’t even drive down here I would find a way to get down here, bus, taxi or UBER or something like that,” Ether said.

One driver we spoke to says he even has snacks and water in his car - anything to keep people safe and comfortable. He says when it comes to their fares, it depends on location and demand. He says while this is a very happy and festive time in the city, safety always comes first.

“We’re all going to be busy. We have plenty of units for everybody as far as getting you to and from your designated areas around the festival and also getting you home safe, no matter if you’re sober, you’re drunk,” said Lyft driver, Keith Bartlebaugh. “We’re actually helping GSP as well as local police by taking the drunks off the road and reducing the DUIs with Uber and Lyft.”

Chatham Area Transit will also provide a free shuttle to tourists and residents who live downtown.

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