$1.2M in cocaine, marijuana seized in Chatham County

Drug agents take $1.2M in cocaine, weed

CHATHAM COUNTY, GA (WTOC) -Two people were arrested after Chatham-Savannah Counter Narcotics agents seized $1.2 million worth of cocaine and $20,000 in cash from a semi-trailer in Chatham County.

Husband and wife Gregory Bohannon, 53, and Teresa Bohannon, 58, are charged with trafficking a controlled substance after agents found four kilograms of cocaine and more than 600 pounds of marijuana in the trailer, in addition to the money.

"Really the best way to cripple organizations like this is to hit them where it hurts - take their large shipment of supply, take their money and arrest their more top-level players," said Gene Harley, assistant deputy director of the Chatham-Savannah Counter Narcotics Team.

Harley says CNT's investigation started after a tip from the Pooler Police Department, and agents worked around the clock for about 48 hours to find the drugs.

"We knew the drugs were here locally," he said. "It was finding them. It was almost playing an adult game of hide-and-seek, if you will, with drugs."

He says the arrests and seizure are part of a larger investigation and show how traffickers are using Savannah’s connectivity to get and send drugs throughout the southeast.

"Drugs come in most of the time from outside the U.S.," Harley said. "They go to Atlanta, and from there, they're distributed throughout the entire southeast region. With Savannah only being a four-hour drive from there, you know, it plays a vital role into that. We're also finding more and more where Savannah is being recruited to be almost like a second tier to Florida. You take Atlanta, you hop down to Savannah, and from there, they feed into Florida."

Harley said agents are also seeing more people from South Carolina coming into the area to buy large amounts of drugs to then sell elsewhere.

Even with all of that movement, Harley said there's no question some of the drugs would've been sold and used in Chatham County if agents hadn't found them first.

"The huge win for the community is this is obviously a very large amount of drugs we're talking about that would otherwise no doubt been distributed within Chatham and the surrounding counties, so they were here for the purpose of poisoning our community," Harley said. "Thankfully, we were successful in seizing them and getting them off the streets before they even had an opportunity to be distributed."

Harley said the investigation is ongoing, and he expects additional charges and more arrests in this case.

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