Prepare for the bites: peak gnat season to last 2-3 more weeks

Gnats in peak season

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) -Many of you have spent time enjoying nature in this beautiful weather, but you’ve also probably gotten a couple bug bites thinking they are mosquito bites.

Chatham County Mosquito Control says that they aren’t seeing a lot of mosquitoes. They do say that the gnats are in their peak season and will be bad for about another two to three weeks.

Ture Carlson with Chatham County Mosquito Control says it’s hard for them to control gnats because they go through an installment hatching, which means they can spray for them, but they just keep hatching. So controlling them is really next to impossible once they get started.

“Some gnats just come and fly around your face and they are looking for moisture," said Carlson. "They will fly around your eyes and mouth and they come to drink some of the fluid off of you. And then you have the biting gnats which is usually in the spring in the fall and they are the little ones and you know when they bite you for as little as they are they grab on to you pretty good.”

Unfortunately, gnat season is just a season we all have to wait out for a couple of weeks as gnats come and go on the coast.

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