Memorial Health prepared for more patients during St. Patrick’s Day weekend

Savannah hospitals prepared for more patients

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Cuts, bruises, head injuries, and alcohol poisoning are all things Memorial Health’s emergency room is preparing for this St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

Extra staff will be working at the Emergency Department as doctors prepare for the influx of patients they’re expecting.

“We do try to get ready for the inevitable chaos that seems to happen every year around St. Patrick’s Day,” said Dr. Andrew Ross, Memorial Health, Emergency Department.

Dr. Ross says the emergency room will be busy this weekend with doctors and nurses treating mainly lots of cuts and bruises.

Since those kinds of injuries are most common, Dr. Ross says they’re increasing the number of nurses, nurse practitioners, and techs working in the department’s express area to treat those quickly and efficiently.

“We tell people, you know, try not to drink in excess,” Dr. Ross said. “Be careful with the cobblestones and people falling down. They can really injure themselves, especially on the steps down near River Street.”

That keeps the emergency department doctors free for more serious cases.

“You do see bad head injuries and things of that nature, so we probably do see an uptick in trauma.”

Dr. Ross says they also see a good number of alcohol poisoning cases during the holiday, and says you can always call for EMS to check someone out if you’re worried.

He says it’s a good idea to be prepared with things like bottled water and sunscreen before you head downtown.

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