Lowcountry students celebrate National Pi Day

National Pi Day

BEAUFORT COUNTY, SC (WTOC) - Thursday is a holiday just for math lovers. March 14 is National Pi Day.

Students at Red Cedar Elementary School in Beaufort County celebrated with hands-on literature and art and technology activities challenging them to use math as they had fun with pi. Students were also asked to recite as many numbers of pi as they could remember.

“To memorize the digits of pi I like, when I got a chance, I would practice,” said Frankie Hysell, 4th Grader. "Like in the car, during recess, all the time, and I was just writing them down, so I find my stopping point and I’d be like, ‘okay, I’ve memorized two digits ahead of this.’

The students worked up an appetite learning about pi, and even had a fun pie eating contest.

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