Proud to be a Farmer: Steven Griffis, Appling County

Proud to be a Georgia Farmer: Steven Griffis, Appling County

APPLING COUNTY, GA (WTOC) - This month, we’re showcasing just a few of the farmers of our region who help make Georgia agriculture what it is.

Steven Griffis has already seen changes in farming in just his first 15 years.

“You have to find ways to make higher yields and also bring in some other crops,” the second generation grower and rancher said.

Griffis grew his first field of cotton before he had a driver’s license. His operation includes row crops like cotton and peanuts as well as livestock and feed crops like hay and rye. He says growers and ranchers today have to work together for everyone to survive.

“You might do your neighbor a favor doing some planting, and they do you a favor picking some cotton,” he said.

Griffis is getting ready to plant corn. One challenge is not knowing how much that crop will be worth after a season of hard work.

“We’re the only people who buy everything at a retail price and turn around a sell our product at a wholesale price, and that’s why our profit margins get smaller every year.”

The challenges aren’t enough to turn Griffis away from agriculture.

“When you grow up on a family farm, it gets in your blood and you don’t want to do anything else.”

He says he and others didn’t choose farming as much as farming chose them. It’s why he’s Proud to be a Georgia Farmer.

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