AT&T brings in ‘cell on wheels’ to boost capacity during festivities

AT&T boosting cell signal

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - As we get into the holiday weekend, a lot of people will be documenting it with their cell phones.

Every year, there is an issue with cell phone reception. AT&T brought in some big equipment to help their customers this year.

The “cell on wheels” will help boost capacity for customers this weekend. Right now, it’s across the Savannah River. That way, it can cover all of River Street without any obstructions. This is all done so people can easily talk, text, tweet, post, and livestream.

“As people more and more use data and use their phones to capture the events they’re attending, we need additional capacity for the number of customers and the number of visitors we’re going to get to Savannah this weekend,” said Gary Sanchez, AT&T Regional Director for External Affairs.

This is not the first year AT&T has brought in the “cell on wheels”. They say if all goes well, it will likely be back next year as well.

WTOC reached out to Verizon, who says they enhanced capacity at cell sites around the parade route.

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