Groups from as far as Ireland walk in St. Patrick’s parade

Groups from as far as Ireland walk in St. Patrick’s parade

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) -The 2019 St. Patrick’s Day parade was particularly Irish this year with bands actually coming from both Ireland and Northern Ireland.

They were just two of the marching groups who traveled from Abercorn Street all the way down to Bull and Harris Streets.

“We are the first band from Northern Ireland, we believe, to be here marching," said David Montgomery, the drum instructor for the Omagh Protestant Boys. "So we’re actually making history.”

The Omagh Protestant Boys Flute Band is from about 70 miles from Belfast in Northern Ireland and have been in town since Wednesday.

“Savannah’s a beautiful city," said Montgomery. "We’ve been very welcomed, and the people have been fantastic. Good food. We’ve also sampled some of the drink as you can imagine, and the band are just absolutely delighted to be here.”

Down the parade route the Irish Air Corps Pipe Band ushered in the start of the parade by playing the Irish national anthem.

They may play different instruments and hail from a different country, but their impression of the Hostess City is much the same.

“To experience the culture and place and everything, it’s amazing here," said Niall Kelly with the Irish Air Corps Pipe Band. "I’m very happy to be here. Just the crowds, the atmosphere. We put in a lot of practice, a lot of hours, a lot of night practice, so this is where we go to strut our stuff in front of an audience.”

But Saturday was the big day. They say finally getting to play in a parade of this scale is the part of the trip they loved the most."

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