New rules yield results in Chippewa Square

New rules yield results in Chippewa Square

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) -It seems an effort on the part of the City of Savannah to keep one downtown square from getting trashed during the Saint Patrick’s Day parade paid off.

The mobile court to deal with parade day citations that was supposed to be off Chippewa Square didn’t make it for one reason or another, but if you were only looking at issues in Chippewa Square, it wasn’t really needed.

The City made it clear cracking down on litter in Chippewa Square was a priority this year, especially after this scene last year.

What a difference a year and new, tighter restrictions on parade goers posting up in the square made.

(source: WTOC)
(source: WTOC)

“Just looking at the square today, if our goal was to preserve this square, keep it from being desecrated, we’ve accomplished that this year,” said Buddy Clay, the Clerk of Court with the Recorder’s Court.

The drastic change in activity and decrease in trash on the ground didn’t go unnoticed.

“We see no trash, we see no tents, we see families walking around,” said Kathleen Kenny Brown.

As a child, Chippewa was the square Kathleen Kenney Brown’s family would take her to to watch the parade. She’s happy to see it transforming back into the experience she remembers.

“I thank all of the City of Savannah, as well as the police force for trying to to something about this beautiful square,” Brown said.

It seemed that the younger crowd Chippewa normally sees turned out in force in neighboring squares, like Wright Square.

“We may have to apply some of that same approach to some of the other squares in the city," Clay said. "Because we need to preserve the squares. But there’ll still be some partying yet tonight, so we still have some work to do.”

For more serious Saint Patrick’s Day offenses, the court has cleared the week of April 15th to handle those.

“We’re concerned about the DUI issues that we’ll probably experience over the weekend," Clay said. "Last year, coming out of Saint Patrick’s Day, we had about 300-plus DUI cases. We’re anticipating something similar to that this year, because the enforcement is really out there strong. So I hope people are paying attention to that, driving safely and getting designated drivers and things of that nature.”

The City of Savannah will hold a news conference Monday revealing Saint Patrick’s weekend stats, including numbers of citations written and tickets for DUI’s.

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