Saint Patrick’s Day in Savannah full of family traditions

Saint Patrick’s Day in Savannah full of family traditions

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The St. Patrick’s Day Parade and the entire weekend surrounding it are all about family traditions.

Whether it’s your first year or your thirtieth, there is fun for everyone.

The fun starts early - long before the sun comes up - for many families.

“We have a lovely group of friends that come down here. It’s a great tradition and we love it,” said Theresa Mulherin Agnew.

Other families drive a long way to get a prime spot to watch the parade. The Johnson’s came here all the way from Virginia.

“This is something we can do together. The kids need to experience this at least once in their lifetime, and the smallest one hasn’t done that,” Lydia Johnson said.

“We love the holidays, and my husband is in the Coast Guard, and we moved this year, so we wanted to come and see some of his best friends and walk in the parade.”

“It’s all about family tradition. We walk in the parade every year, and seeing our friends and waving to them, and having a good ol’ time.”

Whether it’s the quality time with friends or the Irish tradition and heritage on display, everyone finds a reason to look forward to this weekend.

“During the year, everybody comes back to Savannah to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, so we get to see friends we haven’t seen for a long time, and we just enjoy the day,” said John Drawdy, who watches the parade every year.

“We’re in the parade, and I know it’ll be tough pulling this wagon in the parade, but we’re going to enjoy it, and they’re going to have just as much fun as we will," said Justin Vorherr.

“Just seeing the different characters and the different people in it, celebrating St. Patrick’s Day,” Tammy Green said.

Of course, nothing says family tradition like the Grand Marshal himself. Jerry Counihan is the third in his immediate family to have the honor.

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