Businesses see boom as hundreds of thousands flock to downtown Savannah

Businesses see boom as hundreds of thousands flock to downtown Savannah

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) -The downtown Savannah area will be packed for hours on Saturday night as people flood the streets to revel in the aftermath of the St. Patrick’s Day parade.

Many of those people say this is a tradition for them to come here to Savannah each year, and whether you like the parade, the crazy outfits, or the green beverages there is really something for everyone here in Savannah.

Maggie Maxwell is a SCAD student here in Savannah. Her family comes down every year to see her and celebrate. She says seeing Savannah on a normal day and the crowd today, It’s unbelievable.

“Seeing how crowded it gets," said Maxwell. "Usually there is a crowd but it’s pretty chill. I just like seeing, like she said, everyone’s together. There’s no fighting and it’s like we are one community. I like it.”

“My favorite part is the delicious food," said Margielle Young, a tourist from Miami. "I love all the food. And the amount of the people. Everyone is friendly. They are smiling. no One is being angry with each other. And I’m an Irish person today! I love it.”

St. Patrick’s Day always brings a big crowd to Savannah, and the businesses love that.

Businesses see boom as hundreds of thousands flock to downtown Savannah

“I’m here every single year and it’s always this crowded," said Tori Randall. Randall works at the Cinnamon Bear Country Store. "It’s always festive and a good time.”

Tori Randall has worked St. Patrick’s Day weekend for the past few years. He says it’s a great time for businesses because of the money that the celebration brings into town.

“A lot of business," Randall said. "It at least jumps three times.”

Some tourists coming into town say they love coming to Savannah because of the crowd.

“We are meeting so many people," said Shanita Clark, a tourist. "Like it is so fun and the environment is good. I feel safe with all the police out here. We are having an awesome time.”

Others say the crowd isn’t their favorite part but they can handle it for the other fun aspects of the celebration.

“It’s so crowded," said Hunter Leggett. "You can barely move but it’s fun to walk around and see everyone in a joyful mood and happy and dancing and that’s my favorite part. The music and dancing.”

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