Law enforcement out in droves for night two of St. Patrick’s Day festivities

(source: WTOC)
(source: WTOC)
Published: Mar. 16, 2019 at 11:15 PM EDT
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SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) -Law enforcement will be joining the hundreds of thousands that are enjoying the St. Patrick’s Day post-parade festivities on Saturday night.

For Savannah Police Department, that includes alcohol beverage compliance units. Officers say they checked 23 businesses on Friday in Savannah and 9 failed.

They mainly want to make sure that the businesses liquor licenses are up to date. They’re also checking to see if these establishments are watching out for underage drinking as well as making sure that all bouncers and bartenders are checking IDs.

They are also checking IDs of those going in and out of bars, making sure they are 21.

“We try to make sure that this is no different even though this is St. Patrick’s Day weekend," said Lt. Shinita Young with the Savannah Police Department’s Alcohol and Beverage Compliance Unit. "We make sure that they know we are out here enforcing and we still just want one hundred percent compliance, but we haven’t gotten there yet.”

Another thing Lt. Young said is that they are not just focusing their resources in the downtown area. They’ve been on the east west and south sides last night and carrying over into day 2 of the St. Patrick’s Day festival.

Trooper Adam Denton with the Georgia State Patrol D.U.I. Nighthawk Task force says St. Patrick’s Day has already been a big and busy weekend for them.

“We’ve had several road checks already this week," Trooper Denton said. "Just an example, we arrested 13 D.U.I.'s in a matter of three hours in Pooler yesterday. Just pulling up to a road check and being impaired and people thinking they are ok to drive.”

Trooper Denton says traffic stops usually start with other minor violations like no headlights or texting and driving. Then, law enforcement says it can quickly turn into a DUI investigation with just smelling alcohol on the driver’s breath.

“There’s about the same amount of people. Every year it seems like it gets bigger. People just go out and make bad choices and they end up paying the price for it.”

Instead of guessing if you are ok to drive, Trooper Denton says not drinking at all will keep you in the clear every time.

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