Evans County investigators warning drivers of fake roadblocks

Evans County investigators warning drivers of fake roadblocks

EVANS COUNTY, GA (WTOC) - The Evans County Sheriff’s Office has received calls about suspicious activity along Daisy Nevils Highway.

It’s a road many take to Statesboro. WTOC spoke with a woman who ran up on a barricade and knew something wasn’t quite right.

The sheriff’s office says this isn’t the first time something like this has happened on that highway. They say they aren’t sure if it’s teenagers playing a joke, or someone actually trying to cause harm.

“We ran up on a barricade, so we stopped right across the bridge, and we stopped and were like ‘what is going on," said Melva Anderson, Evans County resident.

Anderson was traveling on Daisy Nevils Highway late Sunday night when she came across the suspicious barricade. It wasn’t there earlier that night. She called Claxton Police and the sheriff’s office.

"He said ‘we haven’t heard anything about a road block, road closures anywhere.’

She saw another car approaching and flashed her lights to warn them.

“I kept seeing if there was a way for us to turn around, and there really wasn’t,” she said. “There wasn’t anywhere to back up. I was advised to back up to a lit up area, but there is no lit up area out there,” Anderson said.

“An officer did go out to the scene,” said Chief Deputy Virgil DeLoach, Evans County Sheriff’s Office. “There were barrels out there and present. We feel like it could be a hoax, a juvenile prank just grabbing the barrels off construction sites, but we do want to advise the public if you run across something like this, stay in your car. Call law enforcement. Better safe than sorry anytime.”

DeLoach says if the situation is more than kids playing around, they would rather handle the problem than someone getting hurt.

“If it is an ambush situation, we much rather be the ones on the receiving ends than the general public, and if it is a hoax, I just ask the people who did it to come forward and just give the community some closure to it; some relief,” DeLoach said.

The sheriff’s office says if this does happen to you, stop, lock your doors, and call the sheriff’s office and turn around and find a different route.

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