Richmond Hill voters elect council member for Post 1 seat

Kristi Cox wins Special Election

RICHMOND HILL, GA (WTOC) -Richmond Hill voters have elected a new representative for the District 1 area.

Kristi Cox beat out five other people who were attempting to get the seat that was left vacant by Johnny Murphy, who lost his battle with cancer in December. They were:

  • David T. London
  • Darryl Lawrence
  • Justin McBride
  • Wayne Jackson
  • John Ring

Cox collected 407 votes out of 708. These results are unofficial and will be certified by the Secretary of State next week.

“We all really wanted what was best for our community, and I think there is nothing better than that. You had six people coming into this race that all wanted to do what was best for this community and I think that’s amazing," Cox said.

Cox has spent seven years serving as the director of United Way for Bryan County.

Mayor Russ Carpenter says it really helps council that the race won’t go to a run-off.

“With Kristi coming on and we know now we are not going to have to have a run-off, we don’t have a worry about a quorum. With one member being out, of any of the other members cannot be here then we can no longer have the meeting.”

That’s why at Tuesday’s meeting, council voted to change the city’s charter allowing them to appoint an interim to fill vacated seats while they wait for a special election to take place.

Cox says she’s excited to be sworn in and take her seat at the next city council meeting in two weeks.

“Now, I am humbled. This is a blessing, and I just appreciate so much that the community has put their faith and trust in me that I’m going to do a good job,” she said.

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