City of Statesboro to issue new alcohol licenses for businesses

Statesboro City Council votes on new alcohol licenses for businesses

STATESBORO, GA (WTOC) - If your business serves drinks in Statesboro, your license will change later this year.

City council voted Tuesday night to issue six-month licenses starting this spring and summer. By the end of the year, they plan to have a range of license categories for different types of establishments. They would include restaurants, pubs, bars, and special event venues. They currently have a one-size fits all license.

“Because a bar is operating differently than a restaurant that closes at 10 o’clock. A hair salon that serves a glass of wine with a massage is operating differently from a concert venue or event venue,” said city council member, Phil Boyum.

The vote would also move the schedule for when annual licenses are due.

License holders would pay at the end of the year, rather than January - one of the slower times for businesses in town.

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